Razilo Components

A bunch of handy components built with raziloComponent to do basic things and get you going with creating your application. Includes components for page structure, icons, form controls with validation, that kind of thing.

Get Going Right Away

With any application, there are always those basic things you need and haven't got time to create, or maybe you want to but are not sure how to get started. Use our default components as a guide, use them as they are direct in your application, it's up to you. We offer many types of components allowing you to import the whole lot, a group or just a single component. You can use them and them alone or as a bigger setup with your own components.

Below we have some of the components available in raziloComponents, not all though, as we have things like page structure, menus, routing... So for a full list of components available go check out the github project, there should be a demo page with it you can look at (gives you a good example how to do things too).

See raziloComponents on GitHub